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Wuhan Organic and DSM signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the international application of feed grade benzoic acid

On August 13, 2010, Wuhan Organic Industry Co., Ltd. and the world's leading professional life science and materials science company DSM Group officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. Zou Xiaohong, General Manager of Wuhan Organic Industry Co., Ltd., and Christophe Paulus, global new business development manager for the products of the Department of Animal Nutrition and Health, and

[Lino Group 22nd Anniversary Celebration Series 2] Health Industry Re-construction of High-end Professional Innovation Platform - Hongjitang Chinese Medicine Research Institute New Site Unveiled Instrument

This morning, the opening ceremony of the Hongjitang Chinese Medicine Research Institute was held to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Linuo Group and the 109th anniversary of the establishment of Hongjitang. The president of the group attended the economic work conference and attended with the guests from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Jointly unveiled the Chinese Medicine Research Institute. Zhang Zhongshan and Ms




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