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Company Profile

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Company Profile

Wuhan Youji Industries Co., Ltd. is an internationally-leading enterprise, which is engaged in antisepsis, preservation and anti-oxidation of foods and committed to serving globally rapidly-developed terminal markets involving food preservation, pharmacy, dyeing, tanning, national defense, rubber, oil exploitation, etc. The company constantly boosts development and progress of health, nutrition and material sectors with technical innovation, and provides high-quality solutions for customers, thus guaranteeing product performance.

The company implements the concept of “safety, eco-friendliness and health” into organic synthesis and innovation, and focuses on harmonious development of economic benefit, environment protection and social responsibility in production and operation activities. With leading technologies in antisepsis, preservation and anti-oxidation of foods, the company provides diversified high-quality products and services for global customers from more than 100 countries and regions.

The company is one of China’s most long-standing food additives manufacturers, one of the pioneers of China food additives industry, one of the drafters of state standard of food additives benzoic acid and sodium benzoate, executive board member unit of China Food Additives & Ingredients Association, Hubei/Wuhan hi-tech enterprise, key enterprise of National Torch Plan Wuhan New Material Industry Base, and Wuhan Top 100 Enterprise. The company has been honored with National Petrochemical Industry Excellent Private Enterprise, Hubei Excellent Enterprise, Wuhan Credit Model Enterprise, etc.



Founded in 1946, the company is state large-sized class-2 chemical enterprise integrating scientific research, industrial production and trade and producing organic fine chemical products. Our products include toluene oxidation series and toluene chlorination series.

1980---Sodium benzoate was honored with State Silver Medal

Feb. 1995---The company was approved as state large-sized class-2 enterprise.

1995---The company obtained self-supporting export right

Jan. 1998---The company passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality System.

Nov. 2001---Approved by State Economic and Trade Commission, the company established Wuhan Youji Import & Export Co., Ltd.

2003---The company passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Standard (Upgrade Version).

2006---Established Qianjiang Xinyihong Chemical Co., Ltd.

2007---The company passed the certification of ISO22000:2005 Standard.

2009---Linuo Group held the shares of Wuhan Youji through equity replacement.

2009---The company was upgraded to ISO9001:2008 Standard, and rated Class-A Quality Credit by China Product Quality Association.

April 2014---Honored to be one of the Vice Chairman members of China Food Additives & Ingredients Association.

June 2015 --- Ranked among Top 10 National Light Industrial Enterprises.

October 2015---Team Excellence Prize winner in the first National Competition of Rescue Technology for Hazardous Chemicals.

March 2016---“XINKANG” awarded as a Well-known Trademark in China.

Our long-lasting and globally recognized brand “XINKANG” has become a Well-known Trademark in China that has long been reputed as “Hubei Provincial Famous Trademark” and “Wuhan Famous Trademark”. Our high-quality sodium benzoate series have entered European and American high-end food market. The Company has been the contracted supplier of Coca-Cola, the world’s top beverage company and Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest daily consumer goods company. The Company has established a sound partnership with some top chemical giants and many famous enterprises worldwide.


Sales Network

The company mainly manufactures toluene oxidation series and toluene chlorination series. Our leading product benzoic acid accounts for 32% domestic market share and 11% international market share, ranking second in the world. Besides, benzyl chloride and benzyl alcohol account for 22% domestic market share.

With the completion of corporate removal in 2015, the company will become a technological innovative enterprise with a complete industry chain in 2020, based on the production line of 200000T benzoic acid and 60000T benzyl chloride, and oriented with high gross margin products such as benzonitrile, benzoguanamine, benzyl alcohol, benzylamine, etc.

The company adheres to forward-looking innovation spirit, internationalized development perspective, and globalization strategy on the basis of stable domestic supply. The company has performed deep strategic cooperation with many top 500 enterprises, and is committed to employee growth, customer added-value and environmental improvement.


Sales Network


Innovative Development

The coming five years are critical period of corporate development. Corporate removal and repaid integration into international market have raised newer higher requirements on our supply ability, product quality, service level and management level. After the completion of the removal, staff and equipment advantages, technical level advantages and raw material advantages of supporting upstream enterprises get promoted sharply, which bring competitive force to benzoic acid and benzyl chloride based on complete industry chain.

The company will further develop product chain, and extend towards the downstream products and optimize according to the requirement of “5-five Strategy Planning”; develop emerging products to adjust product mix; develop newly-added products to establish the product platform of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates and to transform towards pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates and material chemical manufacturer. Through the introduction of new VIS design, the company establishes new corporate image, creates global brand and becomes state leading chemical enterprise.

Since corporate inception, the company embraces corporate spirit of “keeping improving and doing little things well”, adheres to the development strategy of “One Step Earlier, One Step More, One Step Quicker”, adheres to the market-oriented principle, and advocates the concept of “safety, eco-friendliness and health”.

With scientific decision-making, good faith and standard management, the company has formed reasonable product mix, strengthened technical reserve and development ability, and built worldwide sales network and global development pattern.

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